Does Fear Lead to Misunderstandings?

The ghosts in “The Turn of The Screw” might have been there to help the governess even in during the last scene of the story. The Ghost of Peter Quint appears just outside the window right as Miles first tries to get out of telling the Governess the truth about what he is not telling her. Peter Quint’s appearance is what causes the governess the leap up from her chair and grab miles. This in turn causes him to come clean about taking the letter and the ghost disappears. To me the disappearance of the ghost is the sign that he helped the governess get Miles to talk to her. When her sternness, when she asking Miles another question, causes him to back away a little and close back up, the ghost reappears to help, but the governess freaks out. I believe the ghost was repenting for his sins by trying to help Miles, but it somehow went horribly wrong. In the Governess’ fearful state she frightens Miles, who for some unclear reason, ends up dead in her arms. 


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