The mother and the son

In my opinion, the insanity of Prince Hamlet, to a certain extent, can be attributed to the alteration in his relationship with his mother, the Queen of Denmark. Maybe Hamlet had once respected his mother in the good old days because she was such a great mother, who had loved her husband and her son more than anything else. Nonetheless, things were never the same after the mysterious death of his father and the unexpected marriage between the Queen and his uncle. Even though Hamlet had loved and respected her mother so much, he could not forgive the Queen marrying Claudius, just a month after his father’s death.

“…she – O God, a beast that wants discourse of reason would have mourned longer – married with my uncle…within a month…most wicked speed, to post with such dexterity to incestuous sheets!” (Shakespeare 15).

From the quotes above, we see that Hamlet condemned his mother for remarrying Claudius right after his father’s death. He could not understand why the Queen could forget the grief of losing her husband in such a short time. He described the marriage as an incest, which should not be accepted. From the text, we know that the Queen showed no unwillingness to marry Claudius. One can expect that the Queen remarried Claudius just because she wanted to keep the high status as a Queen in Denmark. However, it is also possible that she might know something about the murder or she might even involve in planning the murder of her husband. Hamlet, who was so contemplative and thoughtful, had probably suspected that the death of his father was related to the licentiousness between his mother and Claudius. Although I saw disgust and irritation in his words, Hamlet had never attempted to hurt the Queen. The quote, in fact, was just a self-talk after everyone in the room had left. He didn’t show his feelings of hatred in front of everyone. Or I should put it this way: people could immediately notice his disrelish in Claudius but not that in his mother. Nevertheless, it is not hard to understand why Hamlet had never thought of revenge his mother for her disloyalty and betrayal to his father because he had been in the mental status of alternating love and hatred for his mother and he had no proof that his mother was involved in the murder. In addition, since Hamlet was well-educated, he was less likely to deny the conspiracy of his mother. When the ghost of his father told him that his death was not a natural one and urged him to revenge for him, the immense psychological stress has pushed him further to insanity.



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